Bright Stars 2021

Bright Stars is an exciting eight-week programme designed to introduce children in primary schools across Cumbria to leadership, entrepreneurship and the world of business whilst raising money for charity, winning funds for their school and having fun along the way.

Bright Stars is project-managed by CfLP and delivered in partnership with local businesses.

Primary Bright Stars has presented an amazing opportunity for our budding entrepreneurs in year 6 to work alongside a business to make a difference in the Great Orton Community using a start-up budget of £50.

The children have worked with Emma, a business Mentor from Sound waves, a charity based in west Cumbria, to develop a business idea to make a positive change.

Our children missed the weekly community lunches, in which pensioners from the village, would enjoy lunch and talk to them. Throughout, the national lockdown, our children have been thinking about our local residents and were wondering how they were getting on.

The children created a business logo, which depicts a tree and sound waves, to celebrate the partnership with business and developed a timetable of activities to be held within the local village aimed at combatting isolation and loneliness.

So the tag line ‘All you have to do is smile’ became the buzz words for the Campaign.

The campaign began with the composition of an inspirational song “Come outside and Fly”. The children composed all the lyrics themselves and their mentor helped with the melody.

The children created a display in the local Mulholland’s Butcher’s shop, designed posters and flyers to promote their campaign and created performance outfits by tie dyeing T-shirts and hats.

The children then performed their song to the local residents who warmly welcomed the lovely thought and enjoyed talking to the children about their lives and experiences in the village and at Great Orton Primary school over 80 years ago.

On arrival back at school, the children could not wait to inform the Head Teacher, Mrs Bellas, as to how they felt that they really had made a difference within the local community.

The smiles created by this event, were contagious and heartfelt.The next stage of the campaign will see the children at Great Orton Primary School litter- picking in the village, setting up a ‘pop up’ art gallery and cake baking to continue to bring the community together.

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