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Great Orton Primary School


Inspiring you to be great!     


On behalf of the Great Orton Primary School community, I am delighted to welcome you to our website and for your interest in Great Orton Primary, a school for children aged 3 to 11 years. This website is currently undergoing change and is being designed with children, parents, guardians and carers in mind in the hope that the information provided will be useful in capturing what is important to us and emphasising the ethos which underpins everything we set out to do. We are a small community school and as such, one of our fundamental beliefs is that children thrive in educational settings where they are each known as individuals.

 Great Orton Primary will ensure that staff will actively engage with parents, guardians and carers in planning each child’s learning journey. At Great Orton Primary we aim to create happy, thoughtful children who grow up to make a difference in the world they live in. We all provide an atmosphere which enables our children to acquire a wide range of knowledge, skills and practical abilities. Whatever your child’s ability, we shall meet their needs. Our school statement is ‘Inspiring You To Be Great!’, where there was a meeting in the school of Head Teacher, staff, governors, pupils and parents on 30th June 2016 to discuss and determine the new school mission statement and ethos. The children in Years 5 and 6 had been thinking about their vision, values and skills and what they think they gained from their time at Great Orton Primary School.

The different year groups gave a presentation to staff, parents and governors about what they hope to gain from their time here at Great Orton. The year 5 and 6 children spent some time chatting with parents, staff and governors about their views and ideas. These were then written on the strips of card and placed on our ‘model children’.

The comments and views of the children, staff and governors were later combined provide us with an ethos and school motto.

Children have visited this again recently with their teachers to talk about what it is we do in our school that does inspire them to be great. The display in our entrance is the outcome of that discussion.

I believe we all need to work together to achieve and that parents, guardians and carers are vital partners in all the work we do. It is important that together we build a firm relationship between home and school. During the children’s years at Great Orton Primary School we hope they will enjoy the stimulating and caring environment we provide and thrive both socially and academically.



School’s Values: Life skills, Resilience, Striving to succeed, Nurture everyone, Passion for learning, Empathy, Inspiring reflective learners and thinkers, Kindness and tolerance, Aspirations.

School’s Skills: Fluency in reading, Imagination in writing, Mastery in Maths, Openness to new experiences, Confidence to try everything at least once.

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