Mission Statement

School’s Mission Statement

‘Inspiring you to be great!’

We aim to bring the best out of our children so they show great work, great relationships and great care.

School’s Values

Great Work - doing your best, taking pride, being resilient.

Doing great work looks like a well-presented piece of English, a tired runner at cross county and a well performed character in the school play. We take pride when we work, doing what is needed to make it a success. Being great means you need to be resilient when tasks are tough. We rise to challenges and know that being pushed helps us develop.

Great Relationships - good manners, respect, kind words.

Getting on well with people is key to a successful life. we treat people with kindness, showing manners and respect to everyone. Kindness through everything we do.

Great Care - we look after each other, our school, our community.

We support each other, celebrating and encouraging. We help a pupil who has fallen over, we explain how we solved a maths problem so others can learn. The school is our unique space and we look after it, keeping things tidy. we look after our school, village and wider community through invites to events and charity work.