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Welcome to Great Orton Primary School. We look Forward to meeting you in person and hope this website provides an insight into our vibrant School Community.


We understand that choosing a Primary School for your child is an important decision. At Great Orton Primary School, our staff are committed to ensuring we get to know each child as an individual. This process starts before your child’s first day, and is the beginning of a relationship that will build and grow throughout your child’s successful and fulfilling learning journey at Great Orton Primary School.

The Great Orton staff are dedicated, talented and knowledgeable. Your child will be challenged and supported to achieve across the full breadth of our exciting Dimension Learning Curriculum.

We also place a great emphasis on nurturing our pupils growth as responsible citizens. Respect, tolerance, honesty and positive behaviour are expected at all times,  ensuring all pupils play an active, positive part in their communities. We ensure all children are listened to, all are valued, and through ongoing encouragement and celebrating individual successes, we develop pupils self -esteem.

At Great Orton, we aim for all children to learn in the best possible environment. Our extensive grounds, with a football pitch, garden, climbing walls and outdoor play equipment, allow for a full range of extra- curricular activities and playtime and lunchtime experiences.

Great Orton is an inclusive school. We strive to achieve the highest standards for each and every child regardless of their starting points. Whatever your child’s individual circumstances, we aim to tailor a curriculum to meet their needs; one which facilitates enjoyment in learning and equal opportunities for all.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

On behalf of all the pupils, staff and Governors, I look forward to welcoming you to Great Orton Primary School.

Mr Matthew Walker


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